ships repairs

A. & N. Giagias CO. Profile

Our company has been established from brothers, Andreas and Nikolaos Giagias and Is located at our permanent and fully equipped machine workshop, 650 s-m. ground, at Maria’s Kiouri 382, N. Ikonio – Perama.

A four floor completed industrial unit , with experienced , certificated and highly trained personnel, consisted of all contemporary skills : Engineers, mechanicals, machinists, platters, piping workers, boiler workers and welders, are at your disposal for any kind of ship repair or reconstruction always according to the specifications required by the Register of Shipping. Furthermore, our company can undertake any type of metallic constructions at old or new industrial units. A well skilled part of our company consists of experienced technicians, specializing in that particular field.

In every case, we have to propose responsible and economic solutions. Using machines of latest technology and synchronous technical methods we accomplish the terminus : Decrease cost and time of completion always according to customer specification and demands.

Our primary aim is to offer competent and reliable projects at proper prices. The company follows a continuously anodic progress, as we collaborate with top ship – owners and industrial units , we have acquire invaluable experience of the high reconstruction, repairs and construction requirements of the universal marine and industrial market.

For all the above mentioned works, we take action all over the world over 40 years. For more information or particular offer you can contact the above telephone numbers, fax, mail or you could visit us at our head office.